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One-of-a-kind pieces by christophe claret

One-of-a-kind pieces by christophe claret

Christophe Claret has always created one-of-a-kind pieces intended for Haute Horlogerie collectors. Three new models showcasing artistic crafts such as enamelling, hand engraving and gemsetting are joining the roster of exceptional Christophe Claret timepieces.

The backs of these one-of-a-kind models are adorned with horses, a falcon or a panda, chosen for their powerful symbolism and crafted in champlevé enamel. This enameling technique used in the decorative arts was applied to these creations by Vanessa Lecci, an experienced enameller who has cooperated with the most prestigious watch brands.

Horses symbolize power, nobility and beauty. The falcon is a diurnal bird associated with the sun and with virility, emblematic of ascension on all levels, while evoking superiority and victory. The panda, considered by the Chinese as a “national treasure”, is one of the world’s best-loved animals. The meanings associated with it include a blend of strength and gentleness, outward and inner peace, good luck and a positive outlook on life.
The tourbillon movement with its approximately 100-hour power reserve is equipped with a mysterious winding system comprising 195 components and 19 jewels.

The Horses and Falcon models, featuring a platinum case and a bezel set with white diamonds and blue sapphires, are priced at 390,000 Swiss francs, while the white gold Panda model with a white and black diamond-set bezel retails at 178,000 Swiss francs.

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