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GPHG 2018

GPHG 2018

For this new edition of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, Christophe Claret is entering the Maestro Mamba watch in the Mechanical Exception watch category and the Adagio in the Artistic Crafts watch category.

Maestro Mamba :
Christophe Claret is a born provocateur, now venturing into the perilous wilds of the African jungle by placing the voluptuous undulations of one of the world’s most dangerous snakes at the heart of the Maestro watch.

In terms of horological complications, the Maestro Mamba once again illustrates the creative audacity cultivated by Christophe Claret. Witness the patented large date display at 5 o’clock, composed of two cones – one for the tens on the upper part and the second for the units – and performing a semi-instantaneous jump between midnight and twenty past midnight. As if to echo the 3D effect of this voluminous date display, the Maestro’s characteristic MEMO function appears between 3 and 4 o’clock. Inspired by the expression “tie a knot in your handkerchief” to help one remember something important, the MEMO is an ingenious mechanical reminder intended for absent-minded individuals as well as fans of technical gadgets.

Finely engraved with volutes, dainty flowers and musical instruments symbolizing the Renaissance, the Adagio watch returns to center-stage, interpreted through several one-of-a-kind models. Supreme artistry thus adorns this minute repeater that is combined with large date and dual-time displays. Admiring and listening to these creations will take connoisseurs on an aesthetic journey through the refinement of time.

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Jury members will be making their official pre-selection during the Summer and as of September, the list of the pre-selected watches will be online.

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