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Christophe Claret now available in Saint-Tropez (France)

Christophe Claret now available in Saint-Tropez (France)

Until now, in France, Christophe Claret watches were exclusively available from the Chronopassion boutique in Paris. As of June, they will be available all summer at Doux Joaillier, in the south of France. This is a family story: in the mid-1960s, after training in Switzerland, Henri Doux set up a jeweler’s in Avignon. A sports enthusiast with a particular penchant for cars and motorbikes, he enjoys high mountain skiing as much as sailing. It was thus hardly surprising that his son Richard should subsequently wish to open branches in Courchevel and Saint-Tropez. Henri Doux is not only an imaginative businessman, but also a jewelry designer. The Maison Doux rapidly opted to associate with brands that have since become internationally renowned. All of them chose Doux for its competence, its professionalism and its after-sales service.

Today, the Doux family operates 10 points of sale and has several jewelry and watchmaking workshops orchestrated by skilled experts. Doux Joaillier has always displayed a determination to establish long-term partnerships with the most prestigious Maisons, of which its roster now includes Christophe Claret with its Maestro, Blackjack, X-TREM-1 and Marguerite models representing the brand’s four collections.

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