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Margot slips into a velvet gown

Margot slips into a velvet gown

After naturally blue or pink-tinged mother-of-pearl gracing the dial and baguette-cut diamonds or snow-set brilliant-cut diamonds sparkling on the bezel and lugs, Margot now reveals a dark blue mother-of-pearl dial framed by grain setting on its bezel and lugs. This particular technique uses stones of an intermediate size compared with the two settings on the previous versions. Three pear-shaped diamonds indicating 3, 6 and 9 o’clock add infuse the scene with a sense of poetry. The 12 petals in titanium and satin-brushed white lacquer embrace a natural pink sapphire pistil, swept over by a pair of blue-tipped stainless steel hands delicately rounded by hand. The twin-layered corolla intensifies the depth effect of this eminently dainty dial.

The strap now appears clothed in velvet-touch blue alligator leather that feels like a second skin. Soft, noble, silky and timeless, velvet is synonymous with luxury, chic and good taste. This totally on-trend material is equally suited to contemporary and classical styles, adding a pleasing touch of sophistication and glamour. The elements linking it to the case have been elongated so as to gently embrace even the slimmest wrist.

In terms of its complications, Margot Velours features an ingenious mechanism that reproduces the unpredictability of nature. A simple press of the pusher at 2 o’clock brings the watch to life. With each press, a petal – sometimes a pair of petals, it is impossible to foresee – subtly disappears under the dial in a smooth action, perfectly depicting the delicate undressing of the flower. The eagerly-awaited answer appears at random in calligraphic letters (in French) on the dial at 4 o’clock: Un peu (a little) – beaucoup (a lot) – passionnément (passionately) – à la folie (madly) – pas du tout (not at all)? Finally, the reset pusher at 4 o’clock instantly makes all petals reappear around the pistil and turns the ‘sentiment’ display at 4 o’clock to an ellipsis (…). The petal display and its mechanism have been awarded a patent.

The display back reveals the automatic winding rotor, a delicately carved, flower-shaped carrousel of colors symbolizing sentiments of love, with a central cabochon concealing the rotor’s ball bearings. Each one of the eight resplendent triangular precious stones denotes a feeling – hope, passion, tenderness… Which one will line up with the red-lacquered heart when the flower halts its waltz? Margot Velours blossoms in a 20-piece limited edition.

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