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Adagio, The Renaissance

Adagio, The Renaissance

Christophe Claret would love to have been born during the Italian Renaissance. The watchmaker’s fascination for 16th century arts is conveyed through the one-of-a-kind Adagio creations masterfully engraved by Neuchâtel-based artisan Eddy Jaquet. Working freelance for more than three decades, he is gifted with a rare expertise blending patience, meticulous care and artistic creativity, enabling him to join eye, hand and tools in sculpting matter. These one-of-a-kind new Adagio models were born from a fruitful dialogue between Christophe Claret and the engraver. A concerted, lengthy, passionate and fascinating quest to strike the perfect chord, to define the ornamental motif for the case, and above all to compose the six Renaissance musical instruments engraved on the lugs and the minute repeater sliding bolt. With a degree of finesse that requires a magnifying glass to appreciate each detail, a lute, a hurdy-gurdy, a tambourine and bagpipes appear on each of the lugs, while the minute repeater sliding bolt features two instruments: a sackbut and a bombarde, the respective ancestors of the trombone and the oboe.

Melodiously chiming the hours, quarters and minutes on demand, the “cathedral” gongs of the striking mechanism are fitted with a patented device that prevents them from colliding as they vibrate under the hammer blows. The large date with its unparalleled construction is also patented.

An exquisitely refined true horological gem, the engraved Adagio watch is available in various one-of-a-kind variations in 5N red gold, white gold or platinum.

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