Christophe Claret

  • AngeliCo

    Tourbillon with long detent escapement and cable-type fusee
    A vision of absolute precision

  • LOMA

    The Loma watch, a powerful strike force


    Margot slips into a velvet gown

  • Marguerite

    New silhouette, the same inimitable elegance

  • X-TREM-1

    Endowed with a black PVD-treated titanium case, a skull on the tourbillon carriage, and a stingray leather or personalized strap, the new X-TREM-1 – StingHD asserts anti-conformism as a deliberate lifestyle choice.


Darya Klishina becomes ambassador of Christophe Claret’s women's collection

Christophe Claret chose Darya Klishina as his ambassador to represent his famous  women’s collection.



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