Red glow inspired by the movie Tron: Legacy

A red ray of light glows in the dark of night, a visual cue evoking Ariadne's thread. The red lines are inspired by the touches of neon that illuminate the vehicles in the movie Tron: Legacy. The elapsed seconds, hours and minutes engage in a race, though each at their own pace. The red even extends to the stitching on the strap; reminding us that time flows on indefinitely.


Boxing bell

Let the battle commence. The ringside boxing bell is one of the most recognizable sounds in sport, signaling the moment boxers go head to head in the ring. A boxing bout is divided into rounds, punctuated by one-minute periods of rest, all announced by the ringside bell. So it's only natural to mark the start of a chronograph with such a sound. Christophe Claret has integrated a sonnerie into Kantharos – which sounds precisely when the chronograph is started.



New prospects of exploration are on the horizon and aviation cockpits are an infinite source of inspiration for Christophe Claret. Among these instruments, the artificial horizon (attitude indicator) crystallizes a space in perpetual motion and highlights the fact that man seeks to be in control, as he does with time. Kantharos’ chronograph counters create a vibrant tribute to the artificial horizon, essential for pilots.

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The new creation from Christophe Claret certainly embodies a stunning blend of haute horlogerie expertise and high-tech precision. This mono-pusher chronograph with striking mechanism and constant force escapement asserts its own identity and reinvents the measurement of timing events. The automatic-winding chronograph's cathedral gong audibly chimes with each change of function. The latter, the acknowledged king of chimes, is visible at 10 o’clock and equipped with a patented system that avoids the gongs vibrating against each other. 

In addition to this innovative complication, Kantharos is also equipped with a constant-force escapement. Majestically enthroned on the dial side at 6 o’clock, this clever mechanism is a key component that considerably reduces timing variations. The energy delivered to the escapement remains constant from beginning to end of the power reserve. Precision is the overriding goal. The perpetually moving mechanism exercises a hypnotic visual effect, which may be admired beneath a meticulously chamfered sapphire bridge revealing the full extent of the master-watchmaker’s know-how.

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Reference : MTR.MBA13.903

  • Movement

    Calibre: MBA13, automatic winding mechanical movement with chiming chronograph and constant force escapement 
    Dimensions: 31.6 x 10.56 mm (without gong) & 37.6 x 10.56 mm (with gong)
    Number of components: 558
    Number of jewels: 75
    Power reserve: 48 hours (approx.)
    Escapement: Swiss lever-type, 3 Hz (21,600 vph), constant force

    Distinctive features:

    • Anthracite rhodium-plated main plate and bridges, white or pink gold gears, depending on the version
    • Sapphire bridge with gold chatons
  • Functions

    • Hours and minutes
    • Mono-pusher chronograph
    • Mechanical chime, each time the function is changed (start, stop, reset)
    • Patented cathedral gong
    • Constant-force mechanism visible at 6 o'clock on the dial side and underneath the sapphire bridge
    • Platinum automatic weight
  • Case

    Diameter: 45 mm
    Height: 15.83 mm
    Water resistance: 30 m (3 ATM)

  • Material

    Grade 5 titanium (polished/satin-finished)

    Ruby red and black PVD hands

    Red chrono hand

    Rhodium-plated dial base with black PVD chrono appliques

Numbered series


  • Kantharos

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