The mechanism

One of the major innovations introduced in the DualTow is its single-pusher chronograph function operating by means of nine identically structured planetary gears. The overall system resembles a celestial nebula.

The belts

The inspiration for such a mechanism came to Christophe Claret one fine day… while he was doing earthmoving work for his Renaissance garden using a caterpillar-tread digger. The notched rubber belts of the DualTow were specially developed for this model.

The wheels

The belts are powered by cylinders placed on either end and designed like the wheel rims of a Bugatti T35.

Stealth plane

Like its counterpart, the DualTow NightEagle features a number of powerful aesthetic references and design codes. It has moved on from the world of automobiles to that of stealth planes such as the American F-117 Night Hawk. Its design is also reminiscent of another ruler of the skies, the royal eagle.

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DualTow features a planetary-gear, monopusher chronograph with an original striking mechanism signaling start, stop and reset; a tourbillon escapement; and two spectacular rolling belts indicating hours and minutes.

Inspired by the fluid motion of an excavator’s caterpillar tread – indeed, the name DualTow is a nod to this world of powerful machinery – the notched rubber belts are powered by cylinders at either end, the design of which echoes the spoked wheel rims of a vintage Bugatti T35.

DualTow’s patented and complex chronograph mechanism is based around nine planetary gears and three differentials, with the mono-pusher sounding a cathedral gong with each change of chronograph function. The mainspring powering the CC20A movement is visible through the sapphire crystal display-back providing an organic indication of DualTow’s power reserve.

DualTow is available in a limited edition of 68 pieces – each one a unique piece as case material and colors are customizable by the owner.

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Reference : MTR.CC20A.008

  • Movement

    Calibre: mechanical hand-wound
    Dimensions: 32.60 x 40 x 10.15 mm
    Number of components: 568
    Number of jewels: 65
    Barrels: Double barrels in parallel
    Power reserve: 60 hours (approx.)
    Escapement: Swiss lever-type, 3 Hz (21’600 vph)
    One revolution/minute tourbillon

  • Functions

    • Hours and minutes
    • Single-pusher planetary-gear chronograph
    • Cathedral gong at each change of function
    • Operating mode indicator of the chronograph
    • State-of-wind indicator on the back
  • Case

    Dimensions: 42.75 x 48.20 x 15.85 mm
    Water resistance: 3 ATM / 30 m / 100 ft

  • Material

    4N pink gold
    4N pink gold flange featuring red ruby chronograph second markers

    Red Polka belts featuring white numerals

    4N pink gold and rubber

    Brown alligator or rubber featuring Kevlar

Unique piece
Part of a limited edition of 68 timepieces


  • Dualtow

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