He loves me… he loves me not
    The first Christophe Claret complication specifically developed for women


    Traditional pivoted detent escapement with constant force. Art in the service of time.


    Poker allows users to immerse themselves in real three-player games of the most popular variant: Texas Hold’em.


    Monopusher chronograph striking on cathedral gong, constant force mechanism and fully integrated automatic movement.


    60-second tourbillon, minute repeater with Westminster chime, four patented cathedral gongs, four hammers and Charles X bridges.

  • X-TREM-1

    X-TREM-1 features a tourbillon timepiece and uses magnetic fields to create the illusion of hour and minute indicators floating through the air!

christophe claret


The watches in the collection are truly exceptional mechanisms. They testify to expertise resolutely geared towards technological innovation and consistently pushing back the limits of watchmaking in order to offer original ways of reading the time.

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New addition to the Christophe Claret collection

X-TREM-1 in red gold and chocolate PVD titanium.